What Are People Saying About Revolutionary Doula Training?

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“I loved the Revolutionary Doula Training Program. As a queer, gender-fluid person it was really important to me that my training come from a social justice perspective and mindfulness about ALL types of family configurations and people. I deeply appreciate that she has worked with non-monogamous people, trans folk, queer and kinky clients- to name a few! I continue to benefit from Beth’s mentoring and generosity. Her wealth of knowledge and wisdom are evident in her training materials and workshops. Her willingness to be vulnerable and honest about her experiences made me feel safe to try and make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Finally, Beth being the inspiring teacher that she is attracts the best students. I feel I have gained not only a certification in doula work, but a community of like-minded support people within the birth world. I truly believe I would not have become a doula with any other training program.”
– Tynan Bramberger, 2017 (RDT’s first graduate)

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“What an incredible weekend with Revolutionary Doula Training!!! Indepth, experience-based, holistic, feminist, anti-colonial, anti-oppressive, story-based-teaching, LGBTQ supportive, inspiring, truly REVOLUTIONARY doula training!! I am truly ready to begin my work bringing our traditional birthing revolution to reality.  Nya:weh Beth Murch for your strength, power, energy and love!” – Lindsay G.B., 2014

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“The weekend I just spent with Revolutionary Doula Training and all the lovely ladies there was mind blowing. It didn’t even feel like two days, it felt like two minutes! It has definitely fed the fire of passion and given me new motivation to get going on this journey! I’ve been tip-toeing into it for a while but I think I’m just going to have to dive all-in now. Thank you Beth Murch for giving us such an amazing program to be a part of. I can’t wait to see where this path takes me.” – Nicholle S, 2014

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“Wow. All I can say is wow. I am so so glad I’m walking on this path!” – Sherri-Lyn C., 2014

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What Are People Saying About Learning With Beth Murch?

” Beth, I feel like you are a big person with big energy, taking on big issues with your big heart!! Your approach to birth work is a magical combination of no-nonsense activism, but with a gentle side to teach those of us who are still fledglings in our own social justice practices. You are insightful and considerate, always able to take many other perspectives into account while asking important questions of your pupils. You have high expectations for the way your pupils should behave in the birth world upholding social justice in the birth world arena

I love learning from you and feel very blessed to have you as my teacher ❤”
– Sherri-Lyn C., 2017

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“About Beth…radical softness comes to mind. I know that term is used in some spaces a lot but I think its really fitting for the way Beth teaches/practices. She is also deeply non-judgemental while simultaneously confident expressing her concerns and political stance.  She has a strong sense of justice with an unquestionable ability to honour peoples truths and realities.” – Tynan Bramberger, 2017

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” Beth, your big heart does need to be noted. I feel like I’m coming home when I go to a class or talk led by you. You are an amazing space holder, cauldron-stirrer, and nurturer. Your teaching asks us to be the best we can be, to continue learning with open minds and hearts, and share our leaning freely with one another. You encourage us to take action and stand up for our beliefs and honour those of others. ” – Esther Ravensdottir, 2017

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“From my personal experience, I feel that Beth knows the language of revolution/activism but I never got the “belittling” vibe from her that anyone who didn’t know/was trying to learn and coming from an honest place. She’s a safe person to learn from and encourage people to expand their mind not by making them feel less but by wanting to follow her example.” – Nicholle K., 2017

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“After having my kids and being out of the birth world for a few years, I decided to refresh my birthing skills by taking a local doula training where Beth was the instructor. Beth’s absolute love and devotion to birth was immediately evident. She is passionate and inspiring while having a firm grasp on the complexities and intricacies of birthing in today’s birth climate. Beth provides a raw, real look at what it takes to be a(n excellent) doula and is a wonderful role model, having practiced for so many years now. Over time, I have also had a chance to witness Beth’s expansive knowledge of all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum related and highly recommend her in any of her many and varied capacities!” – Michelle B.

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“My name is Meg H; I am jotting down some of my own true feelings, personal opinions, reflections and observations about one of my very favorite souls…my friend, Beth Murch.

I honestly do not feel there are enough loving and admirable, awesome adjectives to embody who Beth is. The Beth “experience” isn’t just a friendship or mentorship. Definitely not just a mere happening acquaintance either. Beth is personality water. You drink her in, her sense of self & others, the world, and everything in it and cannot help but to want to be around her. Know her, learn more from her and cherish every moment with her. She is my most genuine friend. Without effort, Beth and her life strategies are poignant, unique and magnetic. She is effective in ways most take for granted, because she tangos right past you in perfect form, humor and from a deep place of love that before you realize it, you are a fast fan. She always comes from the heart. She shoots straight and without regret because this life is too precious to be any other way.

I am so proud… to have Beth to enjoy in my life. To laugh me straight back into reality with her overwhelming compassion and penetrating ability to enjoy and celebrate life as we know it. She once told me, ‘You can always ask email or text me anything!! I mean it, anything! Nothing worries me, surprises me, grosses me out, etc. I have great knowledge in all things personal and I will do my very best to help you.’   – This is Beth. I just love her.” – Meg H.

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“Beth was my first instructor as I began my amazing journey into doula work. From the first moment I met Beth she has always made me feel relaxed, calm, and worthy. Beth is very open and honest, there is no such thing as stupid or embarrassing question in one of her classes. I feel so honoured to  have had Beth as a teacher and now as a friend whom I continue to learn from.”         – Heather P.

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“I had the privilege of taking Beth Murch’s Childbirth Education workshop and a Postnatal Doula workshop and I cannot say enough about her as a teacher.  She always made herself available to answer questions and was such a fount of knowledge and  experience.  She brings real life scenarios into the class and gives you the confidence and foundation you need to be a qualified, successful and  competent professional.  Beth has always been there for me on my journey to becoming a birth professional to guide me and help me with my business.  She is never too busy to give advice or to lend an ear when I need to bounce ideas off of someone.  She is an inspiration in the birthing community and I feel blessed to have started my professional journey with her as my leader and mentor.  Her professionalism, wisdom and approachable nature are what make her one of the best teachers I have ever had.  I highly recommend taking one of Beth’s classes, you will come out of it enlightened, educated and inspired.” – Tara S.

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“I took a Postpartum Doula Training Workshop with Beth. I appreciated her warm and friendly instruction. She always made sure everyone understood the material before moving on to the next point. Her open teaching method allowed me to feel comfortable with asking questions and her answers were always respectful and well delivered. I like that she treats everyone with warmth and respect even if their point of views differ from her own. The reason I would recommend Beth to others is because she genuinely cares about other people and is very knowledgeable in her field.” – Heather N.

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” I first met Beth about 4 years ago when I started my doula training. Over the years, we have taken classes/workshops alongside each other, and I have also had the privilege to take classes/workshops that she has lead. She is a remarkably wise woman with a very kind spirit. She has this ability to educate you while leaving you feeling so comforted and supported and really encourages your education. A woman of many talents, Beth is often my go-to-person for anything birth and baby related. She’s like my Wild Card so to speak….when in doubt, ask Beth! Everyday I use and apply things that she has taught me. She is a perfect combination of personal and professional and I recommend her often. There is no one like her, she has this magic about her and everyday I feel lucky to know her. She is a true role model for anyone considering doula work ” – Ashley W.

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Check out what a client of Beth’s has to say!

“I have very fond memories of birthing my two girls, and Beth Murch played a role as my doula in each of them. I know that not many can say that they remember their birth stories “fondly”, but I can. My births were both scary and exciting in different ways. When I birthed my eldest, I chose a water birth at home. The birth was fast, and the filling of the birth tub was slow. While I was waiting to be able to enter, Beth organized a system to hold hot packs to my belly and back, to relieve the pain of my contractions. My eldest daughter floated into the world in a tub of warm water, while my husband, my doula and my mother supported me, along with my midwives from beyond the walls of the tub.

I was very lucky to have an easy, uncomplicated birth. However, the main reason I had hired Beth was that I knew that if there was a complication, I could trust Beth to accompany me to the hospital and help me voice my choices at a time when most of my rational thinking had gone out the window. She made me feel safe during a time when I was doing hard, frightening work for the very first time. The birth of my first daughter was fast and joyous, and I was glad to have Beth at my side to support my husband and me.

When I became pregnant with my second daughter, I chose to have Beth as my doula once more. My first birth was so easy, that some people questioned my need to have “extra labor support”. I chose to have Beth as a doula however, mainly for the same reason as before. I knew that if I went to the hospital, I would need someone to help me voice my needs and wishes. I was confident that if I was rubbed the wrong way by someone, or that if I became angry, my experience of birth could be very different. Although I had another “easy” birth, Beth played a pivotal role that I couldn’t have imagined.

My first birth was 2.5 hours long, with 30 minutes of pushing. I called Beth when my contractions became more intense, and the feeling was about the same as it was when I had called her the first time I was labour. Minutes after she arrived, my water broke and everything happened very quickly after that. The midwives had not yet arrived. Since I was 10 days early, my primary midwife was not available. Though had spoken to my midwife about the almost certain possibility that I would have a fast labour, I’m not sure if the secondary midwife was informed of this.

In a matter of minutes after my water broke, I could feel the baby’s head engaging in my pelvis. I was scared. I wasn’t supposed to have the baby yet, there were no midwives there! But Beth was. Beth calmed me down, and helped me breath through the contractions. I was standing, and she helped me get into a position that would reduce the effect of gravity. Through all the feelings of panic and fear, I remember her voice calmly telling me what to do in order to have a safe birth. Eventually, as my baby’s head was crowning (about 15 minutes after my water breaking), Beth knew that the labour couldn’t be slowed down. I recall her telling me to breathe through the next contraction so she could check to see if the cord was wrapped around the neck, and luckily it wasn’t.   At that point, I knew that the baby was almost here, and that we were both in good hands with Beth.

I pushed once. My second daughter was born into Beth’s hands.

The midwife arrived about 15 minutes later.

In total, my second labour was about 45 minutes long, with two pushes.

Between those moments, and since that time, I have thanked the universe many times over that I hired Beth, and that my husband didn’t have to perform emergency childbirth. Although she came completely unprepared to catch a baby without any midwives present, she stepped up and took control in a time when my husband and I could not.

I was once told a story about an elderly woman who was overhearing some women talk about birth. Although she was in her eighties and had a poor memory regarding everyday events, her recollection of the birth of all her children was crystal clear. I know that I will also remember my births just as clearly. Embedded in those memories is my recollection of Beth being with me, encouraging me and providing the kind of support I needed at the time – even if it did surprise us all.” – Teresa C.

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*Hungry for more testimonials? Check out Beth’s website to learn what her doula and placenta services clients are saying about her here: Beth Murch Doula Services Testimonials

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