Financial Investment

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

When Beth Murch was creating the Revolutionary Doula Training Program, she was very aware that finances are a major concern for many folks. When she began her doula training, Beth found the cost of most programs to be prohibitive. Sadly, work that is traditionally considered “women’s work” is under-valued and under-appreciated…and underpaid. As a radical activist and as a doula with a passion for serving marginalized communities, Beth is quite familiar with the challenges of living below the poverty line.

“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” – James Goldsmith

Revolutionary Doula Training aims to be accessible. While it appears to cost more at first blush, that is because it is more expansive program than others. It is not a rubric for churning out cookie-cutter doulas who believe that a two-day workshop and a book report qualifies them to operate as an advocate and source of scientific information. One of the reasons that doulas are often poorly received by care providers is because they take a correspondence course or a weekend training class and then consider themselves birth “experts”. They enter into birthing spaces unfamiliar with the realities of the perinatal experience, and without critical thinking skills. Despite their passion and eagerness to work hard, their lack of understanding makes them more of a liability than an asset to the people around them. Revolutionary Doula Training was created to counter “weekend warrior” modalities of educating doulas. We expect serious students who are willing to invest in themselves personally, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. We want students who understand the value of investing time and money into their learning.

Graduates will be entering their field on a level that far surpasses that of most of their colleagues thanks to the intensive education that they received. They will have the tools to establish their doula practices quickly. This means that ultimately, the money that they (and their families) entrusted into their learning experience will come back to them faster, and – even better – lead to profit.

Payment plans are available for all students in good standing with Revolutionary Doula Training (meaning: you do not have a history of defaulting on your payments). 

Financial Breakdown

Tuition: $1,275.00
Tuition includes all workshops, including Introductory Doula Training workshop, preceptor for doula practicum, marking and feedback on assignments, ongoing mentoring, room rentals, materials (i.e. manuals), and Beth’s fee for creating and implementing curricula, as well as her teaching

Learning Materials: Varied
Students will be expected to purchase books and other items to facilitate their learning experience. Many of the books are available through public libraries and can be purchased used. Students are welcome to share with their classmates. Not all materials need to be purchased up front, and so students will be able to form a budget that works for them. A list of required learning materials will be distributed upon registration.

* If you are an uncertified doula who began your training with Beth and you wish to leave your current organization in order to continue learning with her, please let us know so that we can make the appropriate financial adjustments for you. Beth values your continued support! ❤

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