Are you ready for the revolution? Welcome to the first Revolutionary Doula Introductory Training Workshop – where we will be providing provocative, distinctive, high-calibre doula training for both aspiring and experienced doulas!

A doula who plans to serve families during pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period should be proficient at:

– understanding the physiology of birth as well as the emotional and physical needs of the birthing individual
– facilitating discussion with the expecting parent and their partner(s) and family regarding plans for the birth and then engage in implementing them
– utilizing the skills and stamina needed to provide continuous care, emotional and physical support, and to provide objective, informed guidance
– accessing information that can empower families to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy and birth experience
– have knowledge concerning the social justice and reproductive justice issues surrounding childbirth

This 2 day workshop will provide you with the fundamental basics of the doula experience and will act as the foundation for the learning and experience you will gain in your comprehensive workshops.

We will be meeting on Saturday, August 23rd from 9AM-5PM and Sunday, August 24th from 9AM-5PM. Tuition is $600.00 and can be paid in cash or by cheque (made out to “Beth Murch”), Paypal, or e-transfer (send to To receive your enrollment package and to register for this workshop, please e-mail Beth at The final day to register is August 8, 2014. The class is filling up quickly, so please don’t delay!



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